To the People of God at St. Luke’s Katonah: Although the state is beginning to reopen, we will not try to go back to public worship until at least July. During June we will continue Facebook live services and start to put together a plan for opening our doors – safely. In the meantime stay safe and when you go out in public maintain social distance and for God’s sake and the sake of our Brothers and Sisters, wear a mask. Blessings, Fr. Patrick + 

Some Stay at Home Survival Tips: 

● Say your prayers. The Book of Common Prayer is a great resource. If you don’t have one at home you can access it online. ● ● Here’s a link for some bible study: 

● Get some exercise

● Don’t raid the fridge too often ● Limit your intake of news ● If you’re feeling sad, depressed or lonely reach out to a friend

● Wear your mask and wash your hands often

A few thoughts on Black lives matter: Quite often, when the phrase Black lives matter is expressed the response is, All lives matter. However, before we respond All lives matter” we need to contemplate why the phrase Black lives matter is expressed in the first place. We need to take stock of the conditions that cause that phrase to be uttered in our country. And we need to seek justice for those who are the victims of unwarranted violence. A journal written by former St. Luke's parishioner, Dr. Stephen Nicholas. (please see attachment)