St. Luke's program continues as far as it is permissible during the quarantine

  • tanzania

    We support the efforts of the Episcopal Diocese of New York to foster self sufficiency in Tanzania, most recently by funding wells and purchasing cashew trees which provide both food and cash products for villages.

    St. Luke's also Supports four seminarians at the Msalato Theological College in Dodoma, Tanzania. Link on their name below for a brief message from the seminarians





  • Our church school collects and delivers donations to the Community Center of Northern Westchester, which provides hundreds of Northern Westchester families with the essentials of living; supplemental food, clothing, job training, literacy, computer instruction, guidance in negotiating the social service system and school supplies.

  • We participate in the Emergency Shelter Partnership which provides safe overnight shelter and meals to the homeless in this community during the winter months, hosted by local houses of worship on a weekly rotating schedule. 

    Link here for more information.

    ESP Website link

  • We support A-HOME which rehabilitates and manages affordable housing in Northern Westchester for older adults, disabled individuals and single parent families who, because of age, disability or family status cannot afford market rates.

  • parish house use

    As part of our community outreach, we welcome the use of our facilities by groups that contribute to the well-being of our community.